We are kill : death : ratio


Hailing from from Melbourne, Australia, KILL : DEATH : RATIO are challenging the traditional album model and the newer crowd funding model by not trying to monetise the music. Instead, KDR are writing and releasing world class produced music monthly for FREE.

Using platforms like Youtube, Soundcloud, Facebook etc, KDR are inviting people to subscribe to these channels to keep up to date with the constant releases.

KDR believe that music is consumed in smaller, more frequent doses than in the past with an obvious decline in the purchase of music - KDR hope this new approach will feed fans’ appetite.

KILL : DEATH : RATIO are intent on building a fanbase in an old school way - Through word of mouth.


Vocals, Lead Guitar / Riccardo Mecchi
Lead Guitar / Rich Vella
Bass / Josh Ebell
Drums / Luke Burnham